A White Cedar Fence: Repairing OR Replacing?

Indeed, even the best
fences begin to hint at
wear and tear in the long
run. In spite of the fact
that a northern white
cedar fence keeps going
longer than most (15-30
years) in the end it will
arrive at the finish of
its life expectancy.
What’s more, even before
it does, winter climate,
neighbors, and other
unanticipated occasions
can cause harm.

On the off chance that
you need to set aside
extra cash, it’s
imperative to know when a
fence can be spared, and
when it can’t. Much
relies upon what’s the
matter with the fence.


Staining is, by and
large, one of the least
demanding and least
expensive issues to
understand. A decent
weight washing will
execute shape and impact
earth away. It will
likewise enable you to
expel the highest layer
of dead wood cells.

A decent oil-based stain
should deal with the
rest, simply ensure the
fence is totally dry
before you start. Prior
to picking the stain,
exploit our broad
investigation into the
accessible brands and
assortments of stains; it
will enable you to pick
probably the best items
out there.

Openings and Cracks

Another minor type of
harm. You can generally
deal with this issue with
a little wood putty or
wood filler. Remember
you’ll need to get a
stainable wood filler.
Else you won’t have the
capacity to hide the
putty with a crisp layer
of stain.

Remember this arrangement
just works if the breaks
and openings are
moderately little. In the
event that you continue
applying the putty just
to see the harm return
over and over it might be
a great opportunity to
supplant the harmed board
out and out.

Distorting, Splintering,
and Breaking

When the sheets are
distorting or fragmenting
they will require
substitution. You can
ordinarily supplant
broken fence sheets as

While the above fixes are
all DIY matters we would
not prescribe attempting
to DIY board supplantings
except if you’re
exceptionally alright
with your own jack of all
trades aptitudes. Fence
fix is one of the
administrations we offer
here in the Milwaukee
metro zone, and we’ll be
glad to come and

Uplifting news, however:
you seldom need to
supplant the entire fence
if this is your concern.


Like fixing broken
sheets, the fix of an
inclining wall is once in
a while a DIY
undertaking. Be that as
it may, you can decide if
you will spending plan
for a fix or a
substitution essentially
by analyzing the flat
rails wavering.

Flat rails that can at
present hold a nail
typically make it
feasible for us to give
the fence another 5 to
ten years of life,
regardless of whether
it’s inclining.

Different Considerations

Obviously, you’re
continually going to need
to take the age of your
cedar fence into thought
when settling on your
choice. In the event that
your fence is now 20
years of age, it may bode
well to simply ahead and
begin getting ready for a
fence substitution

Still not certain what to
do? We’ll give you
genuine guidance. Simply
call us and request that
we come and see. We’ll
walk you through what we
suggest and why, and will
enable you to settle on
the best choice for your
home and yard.