Composite Deck Cleaning

In the event that all other cleaning methods neglect to clean or expel stains from your composite deck, you may take a stab at sanding or having an expert powerwash the deck.

General Cleaning and Preventative Tips

Scope your deck all the time to keep the development of soil.

To lessen the odds of tannins framing on your deck, don’t enable soggy leaves to stay on your deck; these may stain the loads up. By and large, a floor brush or a blower will work superior to a hose for expelling scattered foliage.

Take into consideration legitimate water waste; standing water can cause staining.

Unstick amassed soil and trash between boards with a sweeper.

In the event that sustenance or drink is spilled, clean the deck promptly with Defy Composite Deck Cleaner.

Introduce a sprinkle monitor tangle under your flame broil to help shield your deck from oil stains.

Blend pool arrangements from the deck. Be mindful so as not to spill undiluted chlorine or pool salt specifically on the sheets.

While ordinary everyday exercises won’t scratch your BamDeck® 3G decking, similar to timber or some other surface, extreme exercises will harm the surface. For instance, skateboarding or hauling overwhelming furniture may make the outside scratch, rub or chip.

Expelling Dirt, Grime and Water Stains

To clean your deck, utilize Defy Composite Deck Cleaner. Resist Composite Deck Cleaner is a protected, biodegradable and naturally amicable cleaner that is viable in evacuating earth, grime, buildup, and water stains.

The most effective method to utilize Defy Composite Deck Cleaner:

For every 100 square feet of deck, blend some Defy Composite Deck Cleaner with one gallon of luke-warm water (a 2.25 lb. holder of Defy Composite Deck Cleaner makes five gallons of arrangement and will clean roughly 500-1,000 aggregate square feet).

Apply with a clean, deck brush, or a pump-up plant sprayer.

In the event that utilizing a garden sprayer, pour arrangement through a work cheddar material to sift through any undissolved granules to keep the sprayer spout from stopping up.

When arrangement is connected to deck, enable it to set for 15-20 minutes, at that point scour with a hardened fiber brush and flush totally.

A weight washer can be utilized rather than a scour brush whenever wanted. Utilize outrageous alert when utilizing a weight washer and take after the tips underneath.

Expelling Oil and Grease Stains

Safety measures ought to be taken to abstain from spilling slick and oily items on your deck. Introduce a sprinkle monitor tangle under your flame broil to help shield your deck from oil stains.

On the off chance that oily or sleek items do cooperate with your deck, quick tidy up with Defy deck cleaner is ideal! Nonetheless, for intense oil stains, we prescribe utilizing Pumice-Powdered Lava Bar Soap. Fill a can with tepid water, wet the Lava Bar Soap and clean the bar specifically on the deck. Plunge a non-metal scour brush, (for example, an auto wash compose brush) into the pail of water and keep on scrubbing the full of feeling territories until the point that the oil spot starts to scatter. Wash altogether with tepid water until there is no cleanser buildup left.


We don’t prescribe sanding except if totally vital as it might change the presence of the surface of the material. Nonetheless, in the example that a stain can’t be evacuated, you may attempt softly sanding the influenced territory utilizing sandpaper with a fine coarseness/review.

Weight Washing

Whenever utilized mistakenly, weight washing can make harm and wear your composite deck. Gifted experts may utilize a weight washer with wide fan tips, at low weights under 1,500 psi and at safe separations, 12″ above deck. In the wrong hands, your composite deck can be harmed. Exercise extraordinary alert.

Fixing your Deck

Luckily, fixing your BamDeck® 3G composite decking isn’t vital! By keeping a customary upkeep timetable and following the prescribe tips depicted above you can shield your deck from lasting recoloring and harm.

We don’t prescribe fixing BamDeck® 3G the same number of sealants can adjust the characteristic shade of your deck. In any case, on the off chance that you do wish to seal the deck we propose reaching the producer of your coveted sealant and testing in an unnoticeable spot before applying to the whole deck. Waterborne, infiltrating sealants are not suggested.

Ice and Snow

To expel ice and snow, a plastic scoop might be utilized. To stay away from superfluous harm to your deck, never utilize a metal scoop or sharp-edged devices to expel snow and ice. Try not to utilize calcium chloride or shake salt to separate ice and snow.